While only around 4% of the world’s packaging is currently printed digitally, the personalisation opportunities that the HP Indigo 30000 digital press can offer have already been shown to resonate powerfully with consumers across a range of market sectors. The idea of owning something unique has always been an attractive one, and if it’s something that revolves around one’s own identity, it becomes even harder to resist.


KPG can now produce totally personalised packaging that drives sales by attracting consumers’ initial attention, underpinning a sustained and valuable relationship with them, and winning them over as brand ambassadors.

We can supply a true ‘one-stop’ solution that runs from concept to fulfillment and beyond, and our digital print is just part of the story. It’s worth looking at the whole cycle in a little more detail, to appreciate the full scope of what we can offer.

Once an advertising campaign has made the market aware that personalised packaging for a particular product is available, an individual consumer will trigger the process by uploading data – names, pictures and personal messages – on a brand’s e-commerce site. Fulfillment and delivery details are also captured at this point.

Our automated artwork processes then generate unique print files, which are fed directly to the digital press via our groundbreaking SmartFlow software, which enables the product and the personalised packaging to come together on a standard production line.

A special barcode, scanned at the end of the process, then links the individual pack to the consumer’s details, and ensures that it’s accurately despatched. SmartFlow monitors every stage of this cycle seamlessly, eliminating errors and tracking progress.

In the case of a gift item, the delighted recipient will frequently take to social media to share the experience with friends and contacts, thus generating further interest and fuelling increased demand.

And when personalisation is used in conjunction with some of the other benefits that our HP Indigo 30000 press can deliver, such as digital watermarking to prove product authenticity, consumer engagement techniques that entertain and inform, or track-&-trace solutions to confirm the distribution chain, yet more opportunities present themselves.

At KPG, we share in the conviction that packaging is coming of age as a true mass medium, and that personalisation can play a powerful role in raising a brand’s profile and – crucially – shifting the emphasis away from price and onto value.

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