Kalas Horticulture

We’re understandably proud of the reputation we’ve earned ourselves in the horticultural market.

We like to think it’s built on our proven dependability, our forward-thinking investment strategy, and our unswerving commitment to innovation and service.


Our Service


Take our response times, for example. They set the standard for the sector, and underpin the relationships that we enjoy with some of the biggest retailers in the UK. We understand their needs, and we’ve worked hard to develop workflows that accommodate even the most demanding schedules.

Across a broad portfolio of formats, and printing on a range of high-performance materials, we produced no fewer than 50 million items in 2016, and we’ve set ourselves some even more impressive targets for the year ahead.

To helps us achieve and surpass our ambitions, we rely on a powerful array of in-house resources, including the trailblazing HP Indigo 30000 digital press, the first of its kind in the UK.

This offers us limitless opportunities to personalize and customize labels, packaging and point-of-sale material, so we can offer both growers and retailers unrivalled flexibility and entirely new ways to add value.

We’re equipped to handle any run length, and we recognise that modest initial volumes can often help our customers with the launch of new products, taking them into fresh markets and growing their business.

But Kalas Horticulture is about much more than just craftsmanship in printing.

We provide a blue-chip design and origination service, as well as the UK’s only fully-automated stripping facilities, enabling us to finish and pack our labels fast and efficiently, coping expertly with even the tightest time-frames.

Our artwork is securely filed on fully automated databases, making short work of both new designs and reprint orders. And to ensure speedy delivery to all parts of the UK, we use a network of specialized couriers in addition to our own vehicles.

When it comes to sustainability and the environment, our credentials are beyond reproach. The bulk of our labels are printed on fully recyclable polypropylene and its derivatives, and we operate a rigorous management policy to ensure that all our post-production waste is disposed of appropriately.


Our Products

KPG produces a wide range of products for the horticultural industry, and enjoys exclusivity of supply with some of the UK’s biggest retailers.

Primarily printed on tough, resilient polypropylene, we make labels in countless formats, together with colourful carry-handles and point-of-sale.

We benefit from a fully-equipped in-house design studio and an extensive image library covering all major plant groups.


ColourSticks are a stalwart when it comes to marketing plants, and we produce custom designs in sizes that suit anything from compact, 9cm pots to 25-litre containers. They’re printed on B2 sheets and cut on specialist equipment that ensures clean edges, and can incorporate a preflex crease and a locking mechanism if required. Many nurseries ship their products in pots that secure the label firmly, minimizing swapping and ensuring uniform presentation.


ColourTags, which can be flat or folding, are commonly used for marketing trees and shrubs, and usually attached by means of weather-resistant elasticated strings or plastic-coated wire ties – we stock and fit both.


CarryHandles, used to present trays of plants, are available in a wide range of formats and attach securely, making it safe and easy for the customer to lift the full pack and take it to the till. Our specialist CAD designers will produce ‘white dummies’ of any proposed new designs, so that their suitability and fitness for purpose may be properly tested ahead of production.

Our point-of-sale products include BedLabels, often displayed in proprietary tracking systems, and TrolleyToppers, widely used to decorate the industry’s standard Danish trolleys.

The inks we use for our horticultural products conform to Blue Wool Scale 7, giving the colour work on our labels the maximum possible degree of lightfastness in northern European conditions.

We’re well accustomed to the challenges that can affect the horticultural industry, subject as it is to dramatic swings in supply and demand, and the unpredictable effects of our climate and weather. We fully understand the importance of fast turnarounds and reliable schedules, and we always aim to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Our manufacturing operations are supported by a dependable distribution network that covers both the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

Limitless horticulture print solutions