KPG’s unique Mosaic software, running on our HP Indigo 30000 press, opens up some truly mind-bending opportunities for creativity. It can automatically create literally millions of unique designs by generating limitless permutations from a set of ‘seed’ vectors that are input at the start of the process.


Randomly combining these artworks – flipping, scaling and transposing them as it does so – it produces an almost infinite number of graphic assets ‘on the fly’, allowing every item in a packaging or label project to look entirely different.

The technique was used to memorable effect by Coca-Cola in Canada, in a campaign for its Diet Coke product. 36 individual ‘base’ designs were drawn digitally, each inspired by the bubbles, flavour, spirit and fizz of Diet Coke. Random combinations of these files then generated 2 million individual iterations, creating a spectacular and irresistible medley of colour at the point of sale.

Desirable fashion accessories, the kaleidoscopically colourful bottles had the potential to become a reflection of a consumer’s personal taste and style, and chiller cabinets were soon emptying right across the country. The campaign was underpinned by TV advertising and a strong social media push, and particularly sought-after bottles continue to change hands on auction sites for prices that only devoted collectors can understand.

The Israeli chocolate manufacturer Strauss Elite, whose branding has always featured a cow, used Mosaic to produce a million unique and sensationally colourful wrappers that could be folded into intriguing paper sculptures of cows. The folding was designed by an origami specialist, and dotted lines on the reverse of the wrapper helped consumers to complete the sculptures.

Enthused by compelling TV and billboard advertising, consumers were encouraged to share and swap their ‘Origamoos’ on social media. Fresh vitality was injected into a much-loved but slightly jaded brand, and sales increased impressively for Strauss Elite.

Inspired by such applications, the respected trade Journal Labels & Labeling published its March 2015 edition with 16,000 unique covers. Again, readers were invited to pose with their custom magazines, and share pictures via Facebook and Twitter. The response was excellent, with subscribers around the world uploading their images and actively participating in an engagingly good-humoured and highly effective campaign.

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