Mindful of the scientific community’s concerns regarding the possible migration of potentially harmful chemicals from printed packaging into the products they contain, HP Indigo have developed a range of highly specialized inks for use on presses such as KPG’s HP Indigo 30000, allowing us to make safe, responsible packs and minimizing the risk of product recall.

Low Migration Inks

Sensitive packaging applications – such as those used for food, pharmaceutical, tobacco and personal care – dictate the use of low migration inks that will have no adverse effects on the taste, fragrance, appearance or safety of the contents, and while there is currently no universally accepted definition of what constitutes “low migration inks”, HP Indigo Electroink complies with all appropriate EU and FDA regulatory requirements.

A common misconception is that specific ink brands are granted EU and/or FDA approval, but this is not the case. It is actually the individual components of the inks that are cleared by the regulatory bodies, for use in tightly defined applications, and HP Indigo’s Electroinks are formulated using only constituents that are permissible in printed food packaging – they contain no prohibited components whatsoever.

KPG has worked hard to achieve full British Retail Consortium accreditation, allowing us to demonstrate to our customers that we have rigorous product safety systems in place, and giving them the reassurance that we supply safe, legal packaging of the highest possible quality.

By liaising closely with brand owners, print buyers and packaging designers, we ensure that we fully understand all the aspects of any project we undertake, and that we give expert consideration to the materials and conversion process, and take all possible steps to eliminate the risks of contamination throughout all our production processes. KPG’s printing is carried out in a fully air-conditioned and temperature-controlled environment, with the highest achievable hygiene standards, and our diligence extends to our outer wraps, palletisation, storage and transport. In short, we take every practical step to ensure that we deliver goods that are entirely fit for their intended purpose and, to give our customers added peace of mind, we have developed robust recording systems which allow for complete traceability.

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