HP’s innovative ink technology enables us to render 97% of the Pantone gamut without having to apply costly special colours, giving our customers the reassurance of knowing that their corporate identities will always be faithfully presented, on whatever substrate has been specified for their project.


The IndiChrome Plus system is fully endorsed and supported by Pantone, who have partnered with HP Indigo to confirm their mutual commitment to the ongoing improvement of digital printing workflows, and to better serve brand owners, the creative community and the print industry itself. Consisting of both hardware and software components, the system can generate a dazzling range of special colours on demand. Colour matching has consequently become a precise and entirely repeatable procedure.

So as printers, we benefit from a system that is reliable, easy to use and eliminates downtime – the technology works ‘on the fly’, thanks to HP’s On-Press Fast Ink Replacement (OFIR).

Along with the CMYK set used in conventional 4-colour print, our HP Indigo 30000 press can apply additional colours – specially formulated orange, green and violet – unleashing a significantly broader palette achieves 97% of the Pantone gamut to a standard of delta-E 3.

And for particularly sophisticated projects, where a truly outstanding look is required to enhance a proposition, we have an assortment of ‘special effects’ inks that can add fresh dimensions to the print.

Opaque White, for example, allows unconventional media, such as metallic and translucent substrates, to become intriguing creative features, with no compromise to the legibility of any essential text or other graphic elements – perfect for all manner of high-impact applications.

White for Sleeves is another specialist option, and will enable a clear container to be presented in a dazzlingly colourful shrink sleeve.

Fluorescent Pink and Transparent open a treasure chest of creative possibilities to give fresh inspiration to packaging designers, while Invisible Red allows the printing of barcodes and other elements that can only be seen under UV light.

With its ability to deliver stunning, faithful colour at high production speeds, Indichrome Plus never fails to make an impression. It offers infinite possibilities for compelling creativity and added value.

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