It’s frequently been said that all brands have the same single mission: to maximize their profit.

Consumer Engagement

And all too often it’s assumed that their most valuable resources are their products and their market presence, but that notion is being turned on its head by technologies that can enable brands to inform, entertain and forge bonds directly with their customers, and make important assets of them in the process.

By combining creativity with variable data print technology, and blending in the dynamism of social media, customers are constantly reachable, they greatly increase their lifetime value, and they can become powerful evangelists for a brand.

“Communicate, communicate and communicate,” is the mantra of every effective marketer, and a well-developed Consumer Engagement Marketing (CEM) strategy can take a product directly to the consumer, delivering sales, nurturing loyalty and gathering gilt-edged data as it does so.

KPG’s HP Indigo 30000 press can play a central role in any such campaign, with its effortless ability to exploit variable data and apply a variety of overt or invisible codes – unique if appropriate – to packaging, labels or any other printed matter.

Via any smartphone, these codes will take the consumer to instructional or amusing videos that demonstrate the product, perhaps providing a seasonal recipe, showcasing further lines in a range, or fostering participation by offering an online game. Content can be continually refreshed, to ramp up customer satisfaction, increase loyalty and retention, and trigger priceless word-of-mouth advertising.

Research has already shown that 75% of consumers like personalized offers and messages from the brands that they buy, and it’s fast becoming clear that, in an age of personalization, addressing customers with approaches that are targeted to their interests is a necessity, not a shallow gimmick.

In a market where consumers can choose between a conventional bricks-and-mortar shop, a retailer’s online presence, and a myriad apps and social media streams, brands are now expected to keep up. Individuals who become brand advocates play a key role in attracting new customers, while ramping up the level of engagement with existing ones, so it’s increasingly crucial to keep them informed, entertained and brand-aware.

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