We’ve always aimed to stay ahead of the game at KPG – we manage things well, and we manage things simply.

Set up more than 30 years ago by Jonathan Padley, the business has operated in an evolving succession of niche areas, building solid foundations of expertise and know-how, and developing strong relationships with key players in diverse industries.

Starting as a general 4-colour printer, we were quick to recognise emerging opportunities in the packaging sector, and following some significant investment in folding, gluing and creasing facilities, to support our print, we entered the folding carton market. We soon won some major accounts in food and garden leisure, and were soon supplying most of the UK’s major supermarkets, DIY sheds and garden centres.

When our regular packaging work began its inevitable migration to the Far East, we turned our attention to printing on synthetic substrates, and Matt Evans joined us to spearhead the sales operation.

Having worked for many years in the plastic packaging sector, Matt bought a new dimension of experience to KPG, and we rapidly earned ourselves an excellent reputation as a supplier of full-colour labels and packaging to the horticultural trade.

We attribute our progress to some core values, which we aim to instill in anyone joining the KPG team. In the first place, we’re undeviatingly focused on agility and promptness, accomplishing in days what others take weeks to achieve, and recognising that service and flexibility must be at the heart of everything that we do.

Secondly, we set store by the careful management of our overheads and our cost control, because we’re committed to a resilient, sustainable future in our industry and we’ll maintain our investment programme to address new opportunities and challenges as and when they present themselves.

KPG is rated AA for BRC Food Hygiene, underlining our commitment to the principle of continual improvement, and we are currently working towards the ISO 9001 accreditation that will take our quality assurance level, already excellent, to the next level.

We’re wholeheartedly embracing digital print because it’s now come of age, and there can be little doubt that it’s set to be the dominant technology in our sector. Elsewhere on this site we explore its potential in a little more detail, with the aim of demonstrating its power to extend the horizons of creativity, customer engagement and product control, and to add value, novelty and sheer firepower to a marketing strategy.