KPG, already a leader in digital printed carton-board based packaging in the UK now have unique printing capabilities of great interest to any industry that are looking to add brand security, printed direct to packaging.


Highly secure product markings for brand protection and traceability – like security text, and variable data codes – are hard to imitate, remove, and copy but easy to implement. By combining protected track and trace features with additional security elements, it is impossible to remove, retrace, or tamper with the products throughout the complete supply chain. With KPG’s HP Indigo print technology you can create a multi-layer, multi-purpose security solution – on one press, in one pass. Our technology enables you to cut out multiple production lines, duplicated waste, and unnecessary labour hours to create an adaptive shield using one asset, in one production step, all from one provider. With the power of our HP Indigo digital capabilities, you can combine variable data, serialisation, and multi-layer security features to create a digital armour that protects product authenticity – every step of the way.

Limitless print solutions