Kalas Face Shield With Visor

When the current pandemic began to disrupt domestic lives and working practices around the world, we lost no time in acknowledging the need to keep our staff as safe as possible while we kept our business going. We introduced split shifts, strictly enforced the recommended 2-metre guidelines and addressed the matter of PPE including face shields.


Recognising that part of our manufacturing capability could quickly and easily be repurposed, we set about designing a highly effective face shield that incorporates the best attributes of the many variants we’ve seen. It meets all the appropriate BS standards for medical use.

The Kalas face shield features a fully adjustable polypropylene head strap, that can easily be printed to display safety messages or corporate branding if required, and this threads through a clear PET visor.

  • Visor – 300 micron clear APET
  • Head Strap = 340 micron white polypropylene
  • С Є Marking as a Category III product
  • Manufactured in a BRC AA hygiene certified factory
  • UK manufacturer
  • Simple design
  • Easily adjustable fog free visor
  • Disposable price
  • Robust enough to be reused
  • Recyclable in the household recycling steam

It’s easy to set the right gap between the wearer’s face and the visor itself, so it’s comfortable to wear and remains fog-free. Robust enough to withstand repeated use – if properly sanitized at the end of a shift – our face shield PPE is made entirely from recyclable plastics and can be disposed of in the normal waste stream when no longer required.

We’ve already donated thousands of our visors to local hospitals and care homes, and since the government now seems to have stabilized the supply of PPE to the health sector, we’re able to offer them to the wider market. As it looks like being some considerable time before effective vaccines are generally available, PPE will remain a priority in many walks of life.

Priced in pence, rather than pounds, our face shield protector can make a vital and highly cost-effective contribution to the safety and peace of mind of your staff. Whether they’re involved in face-to-face contact with the public or working with colleagues in any environment where social distancing is an issue, they’re sure to appreciate the protection you’re providing for them.


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